Private Airfield

Crispy Cedars Private Airfield (7WI8) is located 10miles West-Southwest of Door County Cherryland Airport (KSUE).  It is approved by the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics and the FAA.  The registered 60' x 2,000' turf runway is cut to 80' wide, allowing for safe takeoff and landing.  It is ideal for the Light Sport category.


Flying around Door County is amazing in itself.  The county has more than  300 miles of shoreline, more than any other in the United States!  Rock outcroppings, beaches, lighthouses and shipwrecks are just some of the fascinating sights.  Combine that with the vast waters that surround the county and there's something new to discover with every flight!


Visitors are welcome anytime!  We just ask that you call ahead to let us know your stopping by!



Ident - 7WI8

Elev - 700 Estimated

Runway - 03/21  60' x 2,000' turf

Displaced threshold 400' Rwy 03

Note trees on approach to Rwy 03

CTAF 122.9

Left traffic - TPA 1,700 MSL

Contact - Kevin Slezewski  920.495.7539


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Crispy Cedars

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